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Private & Group Lessons

Nervous about your learning to ride for the first time? Private lessons are the best way to introduce yourself to motorcycle riding. The instruction is customized to fit your skill level. Your personal instructor who will take the time you need and answer all your questions to ensure you learn safely and at your speed. Private Lessons are recommended for individuals who might be apprehensive or unsure of their ability to ride a motorcycle. With the experience of one-on-one lessons you will be ready to take the Basic Rider Course.

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Our Other Courses

Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is for people with little or no experience riding motorcycles, who want to learn. Read more...

Experienced Rider Course

The Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) is designed for riders who possess, at a minimum, the basic operational skills to maneuver the motorcycle (start the engine, start out in first gear smoothly, Read more...

Advanced Rider Course

This one-day course is for experienced riders who desire to learn and practice more in-depth riding techniques. Read more...